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Pokemon Diamond

Special Thanks to Code Slasher

Pokemon Modifier

94000130 FDFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
94000130 FEFF0000
00000890 01ED0001
D0000000 00000000
DA000000 00000892
DC000000 00024620
C0000000 0000000B
D7000000 00000000
DC000000 00000006
D2000000 00000000



493 Master balls actually....
for example if you want Pokemon #1 then
you need to throw away 492 Master balls
then go to the grasses and hold L
once battle started, you should see Bulbasaur

B21C6588 (Japanese)



Pokemon Modifier2

94000130 FDFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
94000130 FEFF0000
00000890 01ED005D
D0000000 00000000
DA000000 00000892
C0000000 0000000B
0002461C 000000XX
D7000000 00024620
DC000000 00000006
D2000000 00000000



01-99 (Level Modifier)




94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

DC000000 0000026C









00001300 FFFFFFFF

00001304 FFFFFFFF

00001308 FFFFFFFF


00001310 FFFFFFFF

00001314 FFFFFFFF

00001318 FFFFFFFF

0000131C 10001FFF

00001320 FFFFFFFF

00001324 FFFFFFFF

00001328 FFFFFFFF


00001330 FFFFFFFF

00001334 FFFFFFFF

00001338 FFFFFFFF


00001340 FFFFFFFF

00001344 FFFFFFFF

00001348 FFFFFFFF


00001350 FFFFFFFF

00001354 FFFFFFFF

00001358 FFFFFFFF

0000135C 32001FFF

00001360 70000000

00001364 00000000

00001368 00000000

0000136C 08050000

00001370 00000000

00001374 00000000

00001378 00000000

0000137C 00032000

00001380 00000000

00001384 02000000

00001388 00000000

0000138C 08000000

00001390 80000000

00001394 00800000

00001398 20000000

0000139C 00000080

000013A0 7FFFFFFF



000013AC 7FFFF9FF












000013DC 00FFFFFF

000013E0 00000000

000013E4 24240000

000013E8 03020100

000013EC 07060504

000013F0 0B0A0908

000013F4 0F0E0D0C

000013F8 13121110

000013FC 17161514

00001400 1B1A1918

00001404 FFFFFF01

00001408 FFFFFFFF


00001410 FFFFFFFF

00001414 00000101

D2000000 00000000



Duplicate Pokémon in PC
9206B31E 00001808
0206B320 FB3EF7FB
94000130 FFF30000
0206B320 46C046C0
D2000000 00000000

for now this code is a bit 'dangerous', meaning if you don't follow the instructions the game may crash. Enter the PC, and -if it's not already in there- put in a box the Pokémon you wanna duplicate. Make sure you have at least one free slot. Now go in the 'Move Pokémon' menu, press A on the pokemon you wanna move, so the list of choice appear, and then put the cursor on 'move' (it should be there by default), press 'Select+Start' while pressing A to take the Pokémon, and while the Pokémon is 'in your hand', press L and then R (to refresh the box) and voilà : your Pokémon will be duplicated (it'll be in the box, and in the hand) (fyi, not refreshing the box and dropping the Pokémon somewhere and trying to take the duplicated Pokémon WILL crash the game). Now that the box has been refreshed you can drop the Pokémon anywhere, and repeat the process as much you want.



Item in Slot 1 Modifier (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
00000890 XXXXYYYY
D2000000 00000000

YYYY=Item No.
There are 165 slots for normal items.
Add 04 to 00000890 to get the address of Slot 2.

Key item in Slot 1 Modifier (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
D2000000 00000000

YYYY=Item No.
There are 50 slots for Key items.
Add 04 to 00000B24 to get the address of Slot 2.

TM in Slot 1 Modifier (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
D2000000 00000000

YYYY=Item No.
There are 100 slots for TMs.
Add 04 to 00000BEC to get the address of Slot 2.


0148 TM01

0149 TM02

014A TM03

014B TM04

014C TM05

014D TM06

014E TM07

014F TM08

0150 TM09

0151 TM10

0152 TM11

0153 TM12

0154 TM13

0155 TM14

0156 TM15

0157 TM16

0158 TM17

0159 TM18

015A TM19

015B TM20

015C TM21

015D TM22

015E TM23

015F TM24

0160 TM25

0161 TM26

0162 TM27

0163 TM28

0164 TM29

0165 TM30

0166 TM31

0167 TM32

0168 TM33

0169 TM34

016A TM35

016B TM36

016C TM37

016D TM38

016E TM39

016F TM40

0170 TM41

0171 TM42

0172 TM43

0173 TM44

0174 TM45

0175 TM46

0176 TM47

0177 TM48

0178 TM49

0179 TM50

017A TM51

017B TM52

017C TM53

017D TM54

017E TM55

017F TM56

0180 TM57

0181 TM58

0182 TM59

0183 TM60

0184 TM61

0185 TM62

0186 TM63

0187 TM64

0188 TM65

0189 TM66

018A TM67

018B TM68

018C TM69

018D TM70

018E TM71

018F TM72

0190 TM73

0191 TM74

0192 TM75

0193 TM76

0194 TM77

0195 TM78

0196 TM79

0197 TM80

0198 TM81

0199 TM82

019A TM83

019B TM84

019C TM85

019D TM86

019E TM87

019F TM88

01A0 TM89

01A1 TM90

01A2 TM91

01A3 TM92

01A4 HM01

01A5 HM02

01A6 HM03

01A7 HM04

01A8 HM05

01A9 HM06

01AA HM07

01AB HM08


Mails In Slot 1 Modifier (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
D2000000 00000000

YYYY=Item No.
There are 12 slots for Mails.
Add 04 to 00000D7C to get the address of Slot 2.


0089 Grass Mail
008A Flame Mail
008B Bubble Mail
008C Bloom Mail
008D Tunnel Mail
008E Steel Mail
008F Heart Mail
0090 Snow Mail
0091 Space Mail
0092 Air Mail
0093 Mosaic Mail
0094 Brick Mail

Recovery Items in Slot 1 Modifier (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
D2000000 00000000

YYYY=Item No.
There are 40 slots for Recovery Items.
Add 04 to 00000DAC to get the address of Slot 2.

Nuts In Slot 1 Modifier (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
D2000000 00000000

YYYY=Item No.
There are 64 slots for nuts.
Add 04 to 00000E4C to get the address of Slot 2.


0095 Cheri Berry
0096 Chesto Berry
0097 Pecha Berry
0098 Rawst Berry
0099 Aspear Berry
009A Leppa Berry
009B Oran Berry
009C Persim Berry
009D Lum Berry
009E Sitrus Berry
009F Figy Berry
00A0 Wiki Berry
00A1 Mago Berry
00A2 Aguav Berry
00A3 Iapapa Berry
00A4 Razz Berry
00A5 Bluk Berry
00A6 Nanab Berry
00A7 Wepear Berry
00A8 Pinap Berry
00A9 Pomeg Berry
00AA Kelpsy Berry
00AB Qualot Berry
00AC Hondew Berry
00AD Grepa Berry
00AE Tamato Berry
00AF Cornn Berry
00B0 Magost Berry
00B1 Rabuta Berry
00B2 Nomel Berry
00B3 Spelon Berry
00B4 Pamtre Berry
00B5 Watmel Berry
00B6 Durin Berry
00B7 Belue Berry
00B8 Occa Berry
00B9 Passho Berry
00BA Wacan Berry
00BB Rindo Berry
00BC Yache Berry
00BD Chople Berry
00BE Kebia Berry
00BF Shuca Berry
00C0 Coba Berry
00C1 Payapa Berry
00C2 Tanga Berry
00C3 Charti Berry
00C4 Kasib Berry
00C5 Haban Berry
00C6 Colbur Berry
00C7 Babiri Berry
00C8 Chilan Berry
00C9 Liechi Berry
00CA Ganlon Berry
00CB Salac Berry
00CC Petaya Berry
00CD Apicot Berry
00CE Lansat Berry
00CF Starf Berry
00D0 Enigma Berry
00D1 Micle Berry
00D2 Custap Berry
00D3 Jaboca Berry
00D4 Rowap Berry

Pokeballs Slot 1 Modifier (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
D2000000 00000000

YYYY=Item No.
There are 15 slots for Pokeballs.
Add 04 to 00000F4C to get the address of Slot 2.



0001 Master Ball
0002 Ultra Ball
0003 Great Ball
0004 Poke Ball
0005 Safari Ball
0006 Net Ball
0007 Dive Ball
0008 Nest Ball
0009 Repeat Ball
000A Timer Ball
000B Luxury Ball
000C Premier Ball
000D Dusk Ball
000E Heal Ball
000F Quick Ball
0010 Cherish Ball



Misc. (Item, Recovery, Key):
0011 Potion
0012 Antidote
0013 Burn Heal
0014 Ice Heal
0015 Awakening
0016 Parlyz Heal
0017 Full Restore
0018 Max Potion
0019 Hyper Potion
001A Super Potion
001B Full Heal
001C Revive
001D Max Revive
001E Fresh Water
001F Soda Pop
0020 Lemonade
0021 Moomoo Milk
0022 EnergyPowder
0023 Energy Root
0024 Heal Powder
0025 Revival Herb
0026 Ether
0027 Max Ether
0028 Elixir
0029 Max Elixir
002A Lava Cookie
002B Berry Juice
002C Sacred Ash
002D HP Up
002E Protein
002F Iron
0030 Carbos
0031 Calcium
0032 Rare Candy
0033 PP Up
0034 Zinc
0035 PP Max
0036 Old Gateau
0037 Guard Spec.
0038 Dire Hit
0039 X Attack
003A X Defend
003B X Speed
003C X Accuracy
003D X Special
003E X Sp. Def
003F Poke Doll
0040 Fluffy Tail
0041 Blue Flute
0042 Yellow Flute
0043 Red Flute
0044 Black Flute
0045 White Flute
0046 Shoal Salt
0047 Shoal Shell
0048 Red Shard
0049 Blue Shard
004A Yellow Shard
004B Green Shard
004C Super Repel
004D Max Repel
004E Escape Rope
004F Repel
0050 Sun Stone
0051 Moon Stone
0052 Fire Stone
0053 Thunderstone
0054 Water Stone
0055 Leaf Stone
0056 TinyMushroom
0057 Big Mushroom
0058 Pearl
0059 Big Pearl
005A Stardust
005B Star Piece
005C Nugget
005D Heart Scale
005E Honey
005F Growth Mulch
0060 Damp Mulch
0061 Stable Mulch
0062 Gooey Mulch
0063 Root Fossil
0064 Claw Fossil
0065 Helix Fossil
0066 Dome Fossil
0067 Old Amber
0068 Armor Fossil
0069 Skull Fossil
006A Rare Bone
006B Shiny Stone
006C Dusk Stone
006D Dawn Stone
006E Oval Stone
006F Odd Keystone
0087 Adamant Orb
0088 Lustrous Orb
00D5 BrightPowder
00D6 White Herb
00D7 Macho Brace
00D8 Exp. Share
00D9 Quick Claw
00DA Soothe Bell
00DB Mental Herb
00DC Choice Band
00DD King’s Rock
00DE SilverPowder
00DF Amulet Coin
00E0 Cleanse Tag
00E1 Soul Dew
00E2 DeepSeaTooth
00E3 DeepSeaScale
00E4 Smoke Ball
00E5 Everstone
00E6 Focus Band
00E7 Lucky Egg
00E8 Scope Lens
00E9 Metal Coat
00EA Leftovers
00EB Dragon Scale
00EC Light Ball
00ED Soft Sand
00EE Hard Stone
00EF Miracle Seed
00F0 BlackGlasses
00F1 Black Belt
00F2 Magnet
00F3 Mystic Water
00F4 Sharp Beak
00F5 Poison Barb
00F6 NeverMeltIce
00F7 Spell Tag
00F8 TwistedSpoon
00F9 Charcoal
00FA Dragon Fang
00FB Silk Scarf
00FC Up-Grade
00FD Shell Bell
00FE Sea Incense
00FF Lax Incense
0100 Lucky Punch
0101 Metal Powder
0102 Thick Club
0103 Stick
0104 Red Scarf
0105 Blue Scarf
0106 Pink Scarf
0107 Green Scarf
0108 Yellow Scarf
0109 Wide Lens
010A Muscle Band
010B Wise Glasses
010C Expert Belt
010D Light Clay
010E Life Orb
010F Power Herb
0110 Toxic Orb
0111 Flame Orb
0112 Quick Powder
0113 Focus Sash
0114 Zoom Lens
0115 Metronome
0116 Iron Ball
0117 Lagging Tail
0118 Destiny Knot
0119 Black Sludge
011A Icy Rock
011B Smooth Rock
011C Heat Rock
011D Damp Rock
011E Grip Claw
011F Choice Scarf
0120 Sticky Barb
0121 Power Bracer
0122 Power Belt
0123 Power Lens
0124 Power Band
0125 Power Anklet
0126 Power Weight
0127 Shed Shell
0128 Big Root
0129 Choice Specs
012A Flame Plate
012B Splash Plate
012C Zap Plate
012D Meadow Plate
012E Icicle Plate
012F Fist Plate
0130 Toxic Plate
0131 Earth Plate
0132 Sky Plate
0133 Mind Plate
0134 Insect Plate
0135 Stone Plate
0136 Spooky Plate
0137 Draco Plate
0138 Dread Plate
0139 Iron Plate
013A Odd Incense
013B Rock Incense
013C Full Incense
013D Wave Incense
013E Rose Incense
013F Luck Incense
0140 Pure Incense
0141 Protector
0142 Electirizer
0143 Magmarizer
0144 Dubious Disc
0145 Reaper Cloth
0146 Razor Claw
0147 Razor Fang
01AC Explorer Kit
01AD Loot Sack
01AE Rule Book
01AF Poke Radar
01B0 Point Card
01B1 Journal
01B2 Seal Case
01B3 Fashion Case
01B4 Seal Bag
01B5 Pal Pad
01B6 Works Key
01B7 Old Charm
01B8 Galactic Key
01B9 Red Chain
01BA Town Map
01BB Vs. Seeker
01BC Coin Case
01BD Old Rod
01BE Good Rod
01BF Super Rod
01C0 Sprayduck
01C1 Poffin Case
01C2 Bicycle
01C3 Suite Key
01C4 Oak’s Letter
01C5 Lunar Wing
01C6 Member Card
01C7 Azure Flute
01C8 S.S. Ticket
01C9 Contest Pass
01CA Magma Stone
01CB Parcel
01CC Coupon 1
01CD Coupon 2
01CE Coupon 3
01CF Storage Key
01D0 SecretPotion



Teach all Pokemon ANY TM/HM

9206A1B6 0000D001

1206A1B6 000046C0

D2000000 00000000



Change Your Figure Icon

94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

200002EB 000000$$

D2000000 00000000



Press L+R to change your wifi figure icon [figure icon is what everyone will see you as on wifi] see were the $$ is well thats were you put one of the following codes



School kid 03

Bug catcher 05

Ace trainer [male] 0B

Roughneck 1f

Ruin maniac 32

Black belt 33

Richboy 3E

Pyshic 46

Lass 06

Battle girl 07

Beauty 11

Ace trainer [female] 1E

Pop idol 23

Social 25

Cowgirl 2A

Lady 3F

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